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Welcome to LOVE WILDLY CO.®


We are so happy that you are here and CONGRATULATUONS!  Love Wildly Co.® are full-service wedding planners and event stylist company in the Southern Orange County and Los Angeles area.  It was birthed between two best friends, Michelle Hanna and Liz Choi.

We always loved event planning for our family and friends. After receiving outside referrals, we took the leap of faith and founded LWC. Our passion has always been about servicing people, and in this industry we are constantly able to fulfill that. Our distinct skills combined, make us an outstanding  duo for all our clients. We make sure to customize designs according to everyone’s unique story and styles. 

Liz Choi

Owner- Lead Coordinator

I am a proud wife and mama of 3 gems, Faith, Leilah & Max. My drive to create can come from none other than my Creator and I am determined to use this platform to bless the heck out of my clients. It is my mission to live up to our name through every conversation, meeting & event. At the end of the day my hope is that Love Wildly Co.® would not just be known as an event planning company, but it would become a way of life - To love wildly in all that we do.

Michelle Hanna

Owner- Lead Coordinator

Customer Service has been a passion of mine for over 15 years. My experience and background originated from working as an executive for a corporate company. I was able to gain knowledge and experience on how to effectively lead a team under inconsistent situations. I pride myself on my abilities to problem solve under extreme pressures, demonstrate excellent communication skills, and present strong organizational skills. Along with team management, I was able to create, produce, and execute tradeshows for the company.

However, tradeshows are vastly different from special occasion events, which have always held a special place in my heart.  Growing up, I made it my goal to bring people together as often as possible and loved being THE HOSTESS. After planning my own wedding and understanding the significance of a wedding planner, a new passion in my life sprouted and Love Wildly Co.® was created with my best friend.  

When you are a part of creating beautiful spaces where people can come together to enjoy each other and stay present, this is what I LOVE to witness. It is my honor to be able to be a part of so many sweet moments with amazing people from all walks of life. This energizes my soul!

Other passions of mine include travel, food adventures, yoga, boot camp, reading, look for new adventures, and spending time with my husband and our Australian Shepherd.